Appraisal of machinery and equipment

Valuation of machinery and equipment is the evaluation or re-evaluation of the value of machinery and equipment on the date of valuation at a specific time for a specific purpose and the use of a suitable method. In Vietnam, machinery and equipment, goods and services are common assets in valuation.

Why choose CPA Valuation to evaluate machinery prices?

During over 10 years of practice, CPA Valuation is the selected valuation organization of state agencies and businesses in 63 provinces across the country. The implementation of a variety of records relating to valuation of machinery and equipment, ranging from specific to civilian, has enabled experts to evaluate CPA Valuation's experience. In-depth practice of machinery and equipment, knowledge and knowledge of machinery technology is continuously updated, catching up with the development level of advanced science and technology. These in-depth experiences help to accurately and quickly determine the price of cargo equipment at the time of valuation.


1. Purpose of price appraisal of machinery and equipment:

  • New procurement, pledge, liquidation, transfer.
  • Mortgages, bank loan guarantees, financial leasing guarantees.
  • Purchase, sale, merger, capital contribution, joint venture, investment, equitization.
  • Transformation of enterprises, establishment / dissolution of enterprises, investment
  • Listed on the stock exchange
  • Issuing shares, offering shares to the market
  • Compensation, insurance and complaints
  • Accounting accounting, tax calculation. Consulting and setting up investment projects.
  • Depreciation of fixed assets, revaluation of assets.

2. Appraisal method of machinery and equipment:

The selection of valuation method is an important issue in the appraisal of machine and equipment prices. In order to choose the appropriate valuation method, it must be based on the following factors:

  • Machinery and equipment are new assets or used assets
  • The relevant source of information collected as well as the reliability of the information and the ability to use information materials in the market for valuation work
  • The purpose of the valuation work to buy, sell, rent, calculate tax, for insurance or for new investment ...

From there, you can choose to apply different assessment methods. However, for the current machinery and equipment, we often use two main valuation methods: comparison methods and cost methods.

3. Dossiers of evaluation of prices of machinery and equipment:

For used properties

1. Means of transport:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Certificate of registration
  • Car insurance certificate
  • Purchase contract (if any)
  • Contract, Import goods declaration
  • Technical safety certificate for tank trucks
  • Certificate, ATKT test book

2. Petrol station:

  • Technical inspection record of tank
  • Certificate of eligibility for petroleum business
  • Certificate of eligibility, eligibility for FPF
  • Certificate of technical safety inspection

3. Machinery line

  • Office equipment (computers, printers, projectors, office furniture ...
  • Medical equipment
  • Types of production lines - technology lines.
  • Stone mining machines, industrial machines, machine tools ...
  • Transport vehicles such as trucks, passenger cars, excavators, crane trucks, barges ... and other means.
  • List of assets required for valuation
  • Drawing Design of production line process
  • Packing list / Invoice (Import MMTB)
  • Machine drawing details (if any)
  • Economic contracts for sale and purchase
  • Liquidation records
  • Handover and acceptance records
  • Technical drawings
  • Detailed purchase and sale invoices
  • Catalog….

For new shopping properties

  • Report of approved asset procurement estimates
  • Catalog (If any)

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