Vision & mission

After ten years of operation and development, with customers' truth, the service quality of CPA Valuation has been increasingly affirmed in the market. The company has become one of the leading reputable companies in the valuation and auction of properties in Vietnam.

Vision, mission

With a network of customers from central to local in many provinces and cities nationwide and foreign enterprises operating in Vietnam, our company has performed many asset appraisals and auction contracts, helping organizations and individuals decide quickly and easily to determine the value of assets, auction, public procurement,  borrowing, joint venture, capital contribution, enterprise equitization.

CPA Valuation Company was established based on reputable and senior founding shareholders Auditing, Financial Consulting, Accounting and Valuation

Through the process of construction and development, CPA Valuation constantly improves the professional knowledge of its staff through domestic and foreign training courses on valuation majors, Specialized in pricing and real estate business brokerage. At the same time, the company also regularly organizes training and retraining in professional finance, asset management, valuation, and asset auction for individuals and units of all sectors economy in the country.

CPA Valuation is committed to always providing the best products and services to customers. Operation Motto