Real estate valuation

Real estate valuation is a small branch of asset valuation.  Real estate valuation is an estimate of the value of specific real estate ownership in monetary form for a well-defined purpose in the conditions of a certain market with the methods suitable solution.

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1. Why is CPA Valuation your property valuer?

Real estate valuation is one of the key activities of CPA Valuation. With over 10 years of experience in the real estate market in Vietnam, CPA Valuation Joint Stock Company has a team of experts with high professional qualifications, a deep understanding of the economic environment, laws and regulations. Vietnam's determination as well as an understanding of the real estate market, the ability to analyze and evaluate market dynamics on real estate investment. CC Valuation is proud to be one of the most experienced companies. In the field of valuation and financial advice, will provide an overall report on appraised asset value, helping investors have more information about their projects, helping customers to be able to verify determine the value of market assets in the most accurate way, most effective in business and management.

2. Types of real estate in the appraisal list:

  • Real estate is planning land, residential land is speculated by the company and bought back 
  • Real estate is the building, the headquarters of the company's assets 
  • Project real estate (apartment, office area, urban area ... etc
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3. Valuation of Real Estate for the following purposes:

  • Establishing businesses, Buying and selling, transferring, merging, contributing capital to joint ventures; equitization of enterprises
  • Debt settlement and dissolution of enterprises;
  • Compensation, insurance and complaints;
  • Mortgages, loans from banks, credit guarantees.
  • Buying and selling debt settlement, handling collateral, outstanding assets.
  • Settling and handling disputed assets in cases.
  • Property auction.
  • Accounting and tax calculation;
  • Determining the value of Insurance:
  • Consider bid for projects
  • Making estimates, approving cost estimates of projects and works
  • Consulting and setting up investment projects;
  • Other purposes ....

4. The method of real estate valuation

  • Income method (also called investment method or capitalization method)
  • Cost method (cost method)
  • Profit method (or method of accounting)
  • Surplus method (or hypothetical business / development analysis method)
  • Direct comparison / comparison method.

In fact today, the application of valuation methods on each property is an important factor leading to the accuracy of the valuation results. More specifically, in Vietnam, real estate valuation is much more complicated than other countries in the world because of its particular legal framework for land regulation in Vietnam, such as other land classification. each other, the state's leased land with different payment methods ... all of these factors will affect the valuation process and the final valuation results.

Therefore, for appraisers when conducting real estate valuation, in addition to firmly grasping, correctly and correctly applying valuation methods with each specific property, moreover, it needs to be located be sure and knowledgeable about the real estate market, current land law and other relevant impact factors ...

5. Profile of real estate price appraisal

For land use rights and assets attached to land

- Certificate of land use right and house ownership.

- If there is no LURC and QSHN, the following documents are required:

    + Certificate of purchase and sale of houses

    + Purchase contract

    + Status map, location

    + Construction permit, completion drawing

    + Registration fee declaration

    + Minutes of acceptance of the completed project

    + Land use right certificate (Red Book) or Land allocation decision

    + Land use tax payment declaration form

For construction works

- Land lease contract (if the land is leased)

- Land use right certificate or land allocation or lease decision

- Certificate of compensation

- Receipt of land rent payment

- Construction contract (if any)
- Construction permit

- Registration fee declaration

- Drawing (design, completion)

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