The Ministry of Finance continues to reduce 37 fees to support businesses

The Ministry of Finance has just issued Circular No. 120/2021/TT-BTC stipulating the collection of some fees to support and solve difficulties for those affected by COVID-19. Implementation period from 1/1-30/6/2022.

Accordingly, there are 37 fees reduced with a reduction of 10-50% compared to the current regulations.

Many fees have been reduced to 50% of the previously regulated fee, such as Fees for licensing the establishment and operation of banks; license fees for the establishment and operation of non-banking credit institutions; fees for appraisal of construction investment projects; fees for assessment of basic design; fees for assessment and grant of international travel service business licenses, domestic travel business licenses; fees in the securities sector (except for 02 regulated fees); fees for licensing importation of non-commercial publications; industrial property charges; fee for applying for protection of intellectual property; fees for granting industrial property representation practice certificates, publication, and registration of industrial property representation.

Thus, in the first 6 months of 2022, the Ministry of Finance continues to add 3 fees to the list of fees to be reduced.

Specifically, 50% reduction for the fee for issuance of certificates of technical safety and environmental protection for motor vehicles and special-use motorcycles, 50% reduction of inland waterway reporting fees, 20% reduction for charges for the use of radio frequencies for the terrestrial mobile service (e.g. private messaging terrestrial mobile telecommunications network and a dedicated telecommunications network using frequencies belonging to the mobile service, mobile telecommunications network) trunk earthquake).

The Circular takes effect from January 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022.

From July 1, 2022, onwards, the above-mentioned fees shall comply with the original Circulars and circulars amending, supplementing, or replacing (if any).

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Khanh Linh

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